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Making the best product for you from the lab of nature

Handcrafted Oils and Herbs 

Our outlook

The holistic lifestyle is a way of life that lets you look at the human body from a new perspective. We  like to think of the holistic lifestyle as being connected to wholeness based on the concept that realizes the intimate connection between our mind, body, and soul. This lifestyle looks at us, not our symptoms. It takes into account what we eat, what we wear, what we think, how we treat others (and ourselves), and how we live our lives.

A lifestyle which involves self-care, personal growth, healthy habits, and mindfulness. Mind power is given immense importance in this lifestyle. Therefore, you have to be watchful about your thoughts. 

Outside of knowing that we need to nourish the mind, body, and soul, it’s helpful to understand the qualities that help us live a holistic life. Creating habits is key to creating a holistic lifestyle, that's what we are providing for you. A secure and complete world of care and love! Here are our holistic healing products, from oils to tea blends, soaps, bath salts and salves. Enjoy what we have and stay tuned for future additions to our product line. 

Spa and Wellness
Bath Salts




Bath salts and blends

Oils are 
a great addition to your self-care routine with their mood-boosting aromatherapy properties and nourishing benefits for your body. We are providing you with alternative holistic products. All made by hand, with care and sincerity, with all of our herbs hand picked from the Swiss Alps in Austria, then pressing and producing our oils there as well. If we don't have the oil you are looking for, you can contact us to discuss custom making your oil that you desire. Custom orders may take 3-4 weeks to arrive.  

All Products

How we make it 

All herbs and fruits were handpicked carefully.

Dried under the proper conditions.

 Every herb, dried fruit, and seeds, are ground in a specialized

machine to be prepped for the final step.

 Every oil has it's own way to be made, whether it's a hot bath or cold press. All this is taken into account during the prep.


We pack and wrap with great care and sterile equipment.

Bottles of Essential Oil
Herbal Medicine

Where are we from

Villach, in southern Austria, is the second largest town in the state of Carinthia. It lies near the frontiers of Italy and Slovenia in the heart of Austria's mountainous southern region. Surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery – the Villacher Alpe to the west and the Karawanken chain to the south, together with the Julian Alps to the south.

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